Monday, April 8, 2013

Big News!

I saw this on facebook and thought that it was funny as well as very appropriate because the boyfriend and I are on the hunt for a house! I love my urban apartment dwelling, but I just can't justify its spendy price tag any longer. Especially with the ridiculously low interest rates, etc, etc, etc. It's a huge step but one that we are quite ecstatic about taking on.

We went out looking with a Realtor for the first time this weekend and fell hard for a foreclosure. It was a TOTAL mess. Pretty much anything and everything needed to be replaced from the paint to the appliances, but it was in a great neighborhood and I loved the potential that I saw in it.

Annnnnd then we found out it needed foundation work to the tune of 52 piers. For those of you unfamiliar with foundation repair, let's just say, you could buy a VERY, VERY nice car for what you would spend on 52 piers. 

I'm not easily daunted by home repairs- I come from a very handy family (my mom asked for a tile saw for Valentine's day one year).  I'm more than happy to throw on my grubbies and get elbow deep in paint, but foundation issues are obviously beyond my control and not something I really want to deal with. 

I have faith that we will find the house for us, but in the meantime we are having a blast poking around in other people's houses. My nosey boyfriend saw a bunch of work out equipment in one house and when I walked in the master closet he was LOOKING IN THE LADY'S JEANS to see what size she was! 

Needless to say, we do much better with vacant houses!

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