Friday, April 26, 2013

Good News

Today has been a GREAT day.

As I mentioned, The Boy and I have been house hunting. Last week we put a low-ball offer on a house that we loved only to get outdone by a higher bidder. We were obviously disappointed, but figured all we could do was move on.  So we went back out to look at a few more listings today at lunch and we were feeling so dejected... the houses were in dire need of updating, not at all our style, and too far from our offices.  The last one smelled bad and the owners had forgotten to flush the toilet.

Just bad.

I was driving back to my office, kicking myself for how we handled our offer on the one we liked, and thinking about how the house looked even better now in comparison. A few minutes into my pity party, our Realtor called and said that due to some roofing issues, the buyers had backed out and that it would likely be coming back on the market at the end of next week!

We are trying not to get TOO excited since we don't even have a contract in place yet, but we are pumped that there's at least a chance that could be our house after all.

Cheers to that!

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