Thursday, April 18, 2013

Look for the helpers

What a week... first Boston and now the explosion in West. It feels odd to keep blogging without at least acknowledging these tragedies. The events in Boston just make my head/heart hurt and West hits a little too close to home, literally.

My power went out last night and again this morning. It's raining in Dallas so I have to idea if it is due to the weather or the explosion. Many people said they could hear the explosion from Dallas which is just crazy to me- it's 77 miles away.

West is beloved by most Texans due to a little gas station/bakery off exit 353 called the Czech Stop that makes the best kolaches in the world. For as long as I've been puttering across Texas, I can't remember a single I-35 road trip (north or south) that did not involve pulling into the Czech Stop.

My heart goes out to the people of Boston and West. You feel so helpless in situations like this, so soon enough, my blood will be going out to them as well. I know the blood donation centers will be slammed today, but it just feels wrong not to help in some way.

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