Monday, May 20, 2013

April in Pictures

April was so much fun- mostly thanks to busy weekends filled with travel.  We spent a long weekend in Phoenix for my niece's baptism followed by a quick trip to Chicago. Looking back on these photos makes me want to go back and do it all over again!

I held out as long as I could, but finally broke down in early April and planted my urban garden. In addition to my typical herbs and flowers, I added something new to the mix- a lemon tree! I affectionately named it "Lulu." Get it... Lulu Lemon?!  I think Den thought I was a little crazy when I asked if we could fit a tree in his Camero (and quite possible due to the fact that I named it).

Have you ever seen a larger hunk of meat? (TWSS!) We went to Tim Love's Woodshed Smokehouse in early April and my dad and Dennis got the Beef Shin. Those two can EAT, but we still took a lot of it home and weren't even able to get through all the leftovers. It's a great spot if you ever find yourself in Fort Worth on a pretty day.

Rangers Opening Day! 

Our little tailgate. I made reuben eggrolls but forgot the sauce. We stopped at a gas station to get ice and after a quick google of "russian dressing recipe" I was (shockingly) able to find most of the ingredients. I grabbed what I needed and a styrofoam coffee cup and mixed up some russian dressing in the car. I was never a girl scout, but I should definitely get a badge for that shit.

Racing Felix Jones at Social Science at the Perot Museum with Marie. It was such a great way to see the museum. I love kiddos as much as the next girl, but with it being the "it" place for the kinder set's 2013 field trips, I'd rather pass until it calms down. UNLESS, they have an evening where it's open to adults only AND serve cocktails. Win/win, folks. Except for the fact that it fell on the night of Opening Day. We were exhausted the next day.

Dennis and Jim racing the T-Rex. They also raced a gymnast and Felix Jones (twice). We had to practically pull them away from this exhibit. The T-Rex was the only one they could beat because he (she?) was a little slow out of the gate.

Our company sponsored a legislative dinner in Austin and the Governor stopped by to say hi. I know people have very strong opinions about Mr. Perry, but he was very personable the few minutes we were able to chat with him.

The fam at Delaney's baptism. 

 Obsessed with her.

 Sweet Lil' D with her Godparents. :) 

And her real parents. Such a gorgeous little family.

 My main squeeze. 

We went to brunch after church and my dad was helpin' out since Clint had his hands full. It takes a village- my dad holding a bloody mary for my brother while he held an iphone playing cartoons for his daughter. Too funny.

We also celebrated her first birthday while we were out there. Miss Priss was straight up tuckered out by the end of the weekend. Too much excitement!

I love this photo. We were babysitting while Whitney got ready and Den grabbed Clint's guitar and started playing. Delaney was fascinated. I love her tiny little hand resting on his leg. 

Speaking of entertaining babies... one of my best friends from college is having a baby boy in a few weeks and we threw her a baby shower the next weekend. She's ridiculously cute with that bump. 

We ended the month with a random last minute trip to Chicago. Dennis took most of the photos, so I'll get those from him soon!

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