Thursday, June 20, 2013

May in Pictures

 Stormy sky from my balcony.

Catching up with the old roomie at her new digs.

 I think she misses living with moose more than she misses living with me, so he got the invite as well.

My water heater sprung a leak and it damn near destroyed a huge binder I have with handwritten recipes and tear-outs from food magazines. Sad panda.

BIG smiles right after the news that the seller accepted our offer and we got our house! 

Six Flags!

 It's a good look on him.

Celebrating our house news at Morton's.

Four of my clients in the Fox newsroom after shooting a series of commercials on greenscreen.

 Rangers game. Probably my last of the season- it's just too damn hot!

You know those three foot long hotdogs they sell at the ballpark? They have a quesadilla version named after David Murphy called a "Murphadilla." I ate about a sixth of that. He did NOT feel good the next day.

Mother's Day flowers from my boo. My dad gave me the side eye when he saw these on my desk until I told him that I am technically a mom to moose.

Speaking of, my mom and I took a Mother's Day weekend girls trip to NYC to celebrate. I have a lot more photos, but I love this one of her in Bryant Park.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Back in April I surprised Den with a trip to Chicago. Neither of us had ever been and I got an airfare watchdog alert for a deal on flights that was too good to be true. So a week and a half later, we were on our way to the Windy City.

 Our first day in the city we took an architectural boat tour and wandered around for a bit. We had an italian beef sandwich at Portillo's (so good). And ended the day up on the 95th floor of the Hancock building to have a cocktail at the Signature Room (beautiful views, but very overpriced).

Our second day we covered some serious ground. We had some deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's and then walked over to Millennium Park to take the obligatory bean photos. Then we headed to... 

...Shedd Aquarium! We had super late dinner reservations and still had a whole afternoon to kill, so we walked a couple miles to the aquarium stopping to take photos along the way. We got there an hour before it closed, but we were able to quickly see some fun things including beluga whales and a fat walrus that Dennis said reminded him of moose.

We ended our second day by relaxing in our room for a bit before heading to RPM for dinner. Relaxing should always involve wine, nutella, and foot rubs from a cute guy. My feet hurt so badly that he took the latter upon himself. If that's not a sign of a true keeper, I don't know what is.

Our last day in Chicago we spent the afternoon in Wrigleyville and went to a Cubs game that night. Den made friends with the old man next to us, I had a chicago style hotdog, and the Cubs won- not a bad way to end the trip.

Thanks E and Wylie for the recs!

Friday, June 14, 2013

House Happenings

Well, hello there! Um.... so it's been almost a month.  It's about this time that I start getting texts from my mom asking if I still have a blog. I have no excuse other than this impending house purchase has been consuming most of my thoughts lately.

Needless to say, I am so ready to move. I love where I live and want to soak it up, but the anticipation of the future upheaval is killing me. I don't know why I stress out about the chaos before my life is even in chaos, but I do. This has led to an attempt to get the little things (that I can control now) in order. I've been cleaning out my computer files, making lists for the new house, and even putting together one of those home binders you see all over Pinterest. (Sidenote: The Dot is so cool, she was making home binders before Pinterest was invented.)

The most exciting development as of late is that the pool pump went out this week and the seller replaced it! That obviously stinks for him but is great news for us! We lucked out with the seller. We have no idea where he's going, but it must be an apartment because he is giving us all his lawn equipment and he's leaving the fridge- that's will save us about $2k at least.

Speaking of saving money- the other exciting news is that I convinced Den to build us a dining room table! I know, it sounds a little sketchy, but do you know how expensive those suckers are??  At least a thousand dollars and that's before you buy chairs! I had been eyeing this farmhouse table at Restoration Hardware...... until I found out it was $3,295.  Um, no. A friend from high school directed me to a website with a plan for almost the exact same thing- the plan is free and is says the materials are about $65. A little sweat (what?? I plan on helping!) in exchange for saving $3,230? That's a no brainer.

I don't know who's more excited, me or Dennis! Actually, he would best be described as excited with a large dash of leeriness. I think it will turn out great in the end and we can use the money we save to buy the chairs. If we spent $3k on a table, I have a feeling we would be adding chairs one by one. A BYOC dinner party might be a little on the tacky side, don't you think?