Thursday, June 20, 2013

May in Pictures

 Stormy sky from my balcony.

Catching up with the old roomie at her new digs.

 I think she misses living with moose more than she misses living with me, so he got the invite as well.

My water heater sprung a leak and it damn near destroyed a huge binder I have with handwritten recipes and tear-outs from food magazines. Sad panda.

BIG smiles right after the news that the seller accepted our offer and we got our house! 

Six Flags!

 It's a good look on him.

Celebrating our house news at Morton's.

Four of my clients in the Fox newsroom after shooting a series of commercials on greenscreen.

 Rangers game. Probably my last of the season- it's just too damn hot!

You know those three foot long hotdogs they sell at the ballpark? They have a quesadilla version named after David Murphy called a "Murphadilla." I ate about a sixth of that. He did NOT feel good the next day.

Mother's Day flowers from my boo. My dad gave me the side eye when he saw these on my desk until I told him that I am technically a mom to moose.

Speaking of, my mom and I took a Mother's Day weekend girls trip to NYC to celebrate. I have a lot more photos, but I love this one of her in Bryant Park.

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melissa said...

What a great month! How are preparations for moving going? It's soon, right? So exciting!