Friday, August 23, 2013

June in Pictures

Just a tad late with this one, but better late than never.


My dad vs. Crab.

We took moose on a walk to Katy Trail Icehouse. I think he thought he was going to die. I had to pick him up and carry him the last leg.

I was grabbing my keys off the counter about to head out the door one morning when I noticed this. Isn't this something only pregnant people do? I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not a coffee drinker, but maybe I should start?

Flowers from my boo.

Date night at the Arboretum.

My brother and Whitney came in town for Father's Day, which meant a weekend spent with this little one. We even got to witness some of her first teetering steps while she was in Dallas. 

GP sharing his lemon meringue pie filling with Delaney.

How cute is this guy with a wubbanub hanging out of his pocket? It's a good look on him.

We learned something new about my sister-in-law during their trip- she loves doing extractions and being a teacher barely beat out becoming an aesthetician.  

Preflight mimosas before meeting D in Colorado for the weekend.

Not a photo that I took when they were here, but I still had to share this one of Baby Delaney. I can't handle the cuteness.

Moose's blanket was being washed, so I threw a robe that needed to be washed on top of his bed for him to snuggle up in. I found him the next morning stuffed into the armhole. 

This great new dog park/bar called Mutts opened right down the street from my apartment. We decided to check it out with some friends who have a lab that's also named Moose.

Big Moose and Little Moose hanging out. I don't know why, but Little Moose kept nipping Big Moose in the hindquarters. Luckily, Big Moose is very laid back and just ignored him, but it was funny to watch.

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