Friday, August 2, 2013

Mother's Day in NYC

Today is my mom's birthday so as an excuse to post something three months late to celebrate, I wanted to share our Mother's Day girls trip to NYC.  

1. Stopping by Bryant Park on our way to dinner.
2. Crepes in Chelsea Market. That is a happy/mouth full smile.
3. Shake Shack! It was my first time. It was good, but certainly not a game changer.
4. The Dot in Grand Central.
5. Spice shop in Chelsea Market.
6. Our new favorite spot- the Murray's Cheese Shop wine bar. Every bit as amazing as it sounds.
7. Bryant Park by day. Somehow I'd never seen Bryant Park before this trip. I loved it! Beautiful and so many fun activities going on.
8. Chelsea Market aka home of the Food Network.
9. Stuffed Squash Blossoms at Bobby Flay's Bar American. 
10. The Southwest Airlines Porch (again at Bryant Park).

Our second day we did the Museum of Natural History by day and Broadway by night.

1. The T-Rex at the Museum of Natural History.
2. Silliness in the cultural sections. Did the Museum remind anyone else of a giant collection of diorama's that you made in third grade? 
3. Easter Island statue replica. 
4. Central Park.
5. The Dot in Central Park. 
6. A photo we took in front of Tiffany's to harrass Dennis.
7. Very rainy pedicab ride down 5th Avenue.
8. Checking out Times Square before seeing The Lion King.
11. My restaurant pick failure, Esca. It was a Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich restaurant, so I figured it had to be good, but I didn't look at the menu before we went. Big mistake. It was a little too "foodie forward" for us- that photo is of the barnacles in my mom's pasta. The whole time she sat there going "Barnacles! I'm eating BARNACLES!" She was not a fan.
12. Luckily Esca redeemed itself with their amazing banana pudding.

Our last day in NYC, we did a food tour of Nolita. We did the same thing in Greenich Village last time and had a blast so we figured we would try another one. It definitely didn't disappoint. We saw a lot of interesting things and had a long list of places to eat the next time we're in the city. The cool place with the tree was called Tartinery.

We had pizza at a place called Emporio where Alec Baldwin had his rehearsal dinner. While we were there, they mentioned a nutella calzone, so of course we had to loop back around after the tour and have one last splurge before getting on our flight back to Dallas. 

We had a great time and my brother and dad have now decided that they need a boy's trip for Father's Day to get in on the fun. 

Happy, Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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