Friday, November 8, 2013

Update on Life

Well, hi there!  So it's been awhile. Two and a half months to be exact.  An immense amount of life has happened in these last two and a half months. Quick catch up, since I last blogged...

       ... we moved into our new house.
       ... we replaced four major appliances and fixed an assortment of other "fun" house issues.
       ... we moved our company into its new office.
       ... I hosted a baby shower (perhaps a little ambitious just after moving, fyi).
       ... we set a wedding date(!!)
       ... we planned a wedding.

I'm leaving out quite a bit, but you get the general idea. Life has been beyond busy. But... BUT.... WEDDING! YAY!

Invitations went out this week and people have started making flight reservations, so I guess we're really doing this!

My mom took this photo and sent it to my betrothed with the text "No backing out now!!"  Luckily, he didn't seem scared.

We are getting married December 7th at Camp Lucy down by Austin. Thanks for the rec, Brynn!

I knew I didn't want to get married in Dallas, but wanted to keep it relatively easy for guests since most are in Texas- and luckily Den agreed. I knew this was The Place just from the photos online but seeing it in person sealed the deal for us. It's gorgeous and the staff have all been so easy to work with. Ask me after the wedding but highly recommended based on our experience so far!

Now that the countdown has begun, it's crunch time. Bachelorette weekend this weekend, Shower in a few weeks and finalizing all the last minute details in between.  

Not promising you'll hear from me given the circumstances, but I will try to update if I can. Wish me luck!

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