Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Registry Recommendations

Like any new mom-to-be, I did a ton of research before we registered. I found Amazon to be the most helpful due to all the reviews (once I had it narrowed down), but if I didn't even know where to start blogs were so incredibly helpful as well. It's nice to hear what other moms have loved and hated. So I thought I would share some of my favorite finds here in case someone else out there is in the same position.

Keep in mind that not having a baby yet, I have NO IDEA what I'm doing or if this stuff is even as great as it's touted to be. So take this for what's it's worth, but these are a few things that ended up on our registry thanks to glowing praise from those that DO have experience.

1. Infantino Squeeze Station - I think those self-serve pouches of baby food are so convenient, but after seeing the video of the mom cutting one open to find maggots, I just can't get the image out of my head. I love to cook anyways, so I figured we'd give a homemade version a try. I will know exactly what's going in them and they will most definitely be maggot free- win/win! This thing makes it easy to fill them up.
2. Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit -  I have resigned myself to the fact that baby crap will soon take over our house. It's just a fact of life. However, if I can find products that will multitask and serve a purpose longer longer than average, sign me up. I found this play mat (activity gym?) that doubles as a ball pit! So once the baby is too old to lay under it and stare up at the dangly things, you can pull the sides of it up and throw all the balls in there with them to play with. Brilliant!
3. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Rainforest Friends - This was something I was against initially. I didn't see the point when you likely have a swing and a pack and play since it seemed like a combination of those two things, but damn if everyone doesn't just swear by it. I mean, people are PASSIONATE about these things. This one wasn't ridiculously expensive and had good ratings.
4. 4moms Rockaroo - This just came out a couple months ago. Apparently the first version (the mamaroo) didn't actually swing but this one does. I love that it has a smaller footprint than the traditional swings. And with a more modern design, it's actually kind of nice looking for a piece of baby gear.
5. Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor with 3.5-Inch Color LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision and Remote Camera Pan, Tilt, and Zoom - I initially registered for a cheaper model that apparently didn't pan which my helpful girlfriends quickly veto'd on my behalf. This seems to be a tried and true favorite. It tilts, zooms, and has a two way talking feature. My friend Jules uses this in the summertime to ask her husband to bring her another beer when he's inside checking on the baby and she's in the pool. Sounds like a solid choice to me.
6. Tommee Tippee Milk Feeding Bib Blue - I'm told that these are very useful in the early stages and prevent milk dribbling down under their neck and getting all over your child.
7. Chewbeads Hudson Necklace in Turquoise - Cute jewelry that your baby can also chew on. Another thing that I wish I had thought of. I would probably wear this even without a teething baby.
8. Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag - We are not cloth diapering our little guy- as much as I would love to be that environmentally conscious. However, these are said to be great to have in your diaper bag for a host of other things beyond dirty cloth diapers (soiled clothing, etc).
9. Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller, Onyx - By far the item of baby gear I am most excited about. I researched this sucker like it was my job. After talking to many friends and realizing that most of them had like 84 strollers, I was determined to find one that would give us the best shot at being our "everything" stroller. I honestly think that we may have come close. My favorite thing about it is that it is completely convertible- you can pop our carseat onto it, use it as a single when he's a toddler and down the road it has the capability to convert to a double via another seat or even one of those glider boards. It's "joggerish" and handles well without being massive and folds up fairly compactly. And you can buy a 6-pack cooler accessory for it. Not that we intend on doing that or anything…
10. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - Apparently they double check to make sure you have a Sophie before they'll let you leave the hospital with a child these days. Not sure what the fuss is about, but who am I to deny our baby his overpriced giraffe right of passage?
11. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift - This was definitely in the top five things I researched as well. After attending several one year old birthday parties and seeing cake smushed into every crevice of a fabric-padded high chair, I was determined to find something that cleaned up a bit easier. The reviews say this one is a breeze to clean since the tray fits in the dishwasher and everything is wipeable. Bonus points that it rolls around and only has one leg for toddlers and clumsy mothers to trip over.
12. OXO Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser - I remembered reading about this on several blogs but forgot about it until and my friend Erika recommended that I add it to our registry. People swear it makes life so much easier when changing the hundreds of diapers we are about to change.

So there ya go- definitely not an all encompassing list, but just a few of the highlights that we stumbled across in our research. Hopefully someone out there finds it as helpful as I found other bloggers' lists!

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