Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December in Pictures

I know this is so delayed that it's not relevant, but I decided to go ahead and go back and document the last part of 2013 for my sake.

 Final dress fitting. Looking back I wish I had worn my hair down, but c'est la vie. Maybe next time I get married. kidding, babe!

 Moose was all set to be our ring bearer and then we found out the hotel wasn't dog friendly. We contemplated sneaking him in but decided in the end it would be too much of a hassle. 

I think we set a new record at the Czech Stop prepping for hungry/hungover wedding guests stopping by the suite.

How cute is this little nugget? Homegirl definitely knows what she likes and dislikes. Her flower girl dress definitely made the "dislike" list and she doesn't look too sure about this blanket.

So sad this came out blurry- my sweet Maid of Honor and I at the Rehearsal Dinner. 

 Jodi- our engagement photog/bridesmaid.

With my parents. I wish we'd gotten my brother and sister in law in there. I was generally awful about taking photos with all our guests. 

Den and one of his groomsman. Thankfully that was still sealed.

Our sign at Camp Lucy. 

Blurry post-festivity photo in the car on the way to the hotel. Our limo never showed and we had to steal my dad's best friend's car and driver. Very gracious of them to ride the shuttle back with all the drunks younger guests when they had arranged for their own transportation.

My new husband rubbed my feet the entire 45 minute ride to the hotel. My sparkly shoes were my favorite part of my wedding attire, but they were NOT comfortable.

Late night room service. 

 In front of the beautiful Christmas tree at The Driskill. 

 We stayed an extra day in Austin before heading to San Antonio to see the Christmas lights.

This was such a fun sight the morning after our wedding. 

Den's first Las Palapas taco. This photo will mean nothing to anyone not from San Antonio, but they are the best tacos ever. I know it's 90% nostalgia and 10% actual quality of food, but I still stand by the claim.

Our favorite river walk hotel, Hotel Valencia

Dinner at Paesano's.

Hotel Valencia.

 We started collecting Christmas ornaments on our trip to San Antonio last year and went to the Alamo for the sole purpose of ornament procurement. We passed a homeless guy that asked for change for a cup of coffee and Den ended up buying him Starbucks, a ham sandwich, and a rice krispie treat. I swear homeless people can pick him out of a crowd as a good target.

Another high school favorite, Long Horn Cafe.

No makeup photo of Den carrying me over the threshold of our house when we got home.

We spent our first date night after we got home opening wedding gifts and drinking champagne/cider out of our wedding crystal while watching The Grinch. Pretty much a perfect night in my eyes!

Decorating the tree. The perfectly coordinated, color schemed trees are so pretty to look at, but I LOVED decorating our mismatched tree with all the ornaments we've collected over the last two years. My favorite is a frog with a diamond ring in it's mouth that we got at George's in Seaside right after we got engaged.

Our first Christmas tree! We got a real tree hoping we could find a good deal on a fake one after the season ended, but I really loved having the smell and charm of the real deal so I'm holding off. 

 Christmas was so fun with this little one around. 

 She refuses to sit still enough for a photo. It didn't help that her Gigi kept her hopped up on all sorts of cookies for a solid week.

The Dot solving the problem of broken tamales.

Thankful to spend holidays with this guy.

My "nephew" dog, Oscar, worn out from all the excitement.

Trying to capture the festive chaos. 

All over the place.

One of my friends gave Den a "This guy loves his wife" shirt at our shower as a joke so he went online and found my own version of the same shirt.  

Hiding silly string in the bottom of our stockings = a big mess afterwards. Seemed like a fun idea (thanks pinterest), but I'm not sure I'd recommend due to clean up.

19 week bump.

Den turned 30 three days after Christmas. I threw a party at our house with his friends and family. You can't tell from the photo but each of the balloons had a photo from a year of his life.

I had asked him his top five favorite foods a few weeks before and did my best to make all of them.

Post-birthday hangover brunch (for him). 

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