Saturday, February 8, 2014

January in Pictures

I haven't done one of these since July! Crazy! But I'm excited to pick it back up again with the new year. Here was our January!

If it's below 50 degrees outside, odds are good that our little fireplace is on full blast. S'mores are my favorite way to take advantage. 

Meeting sweet Baby Lucy for the first time. She was a doll and it was great practice.

 This guy held Baby Lucy like she was a ticking time bomb which he attributed to "the way I handed her to him." Looks like we'll have to work on his form a bit before May. 

 Cheers-ing to our one month anniversary.  (Don't worry- mine was either cider or Den finished it off for me.)

 Test driving the stroller we picked out. I have to say that this is probably the one piece of baby gear that I am most excited about. I read probably 100 reviews and can tell you the exact specs on it. I love that it will convert to a double and that you can turn the seat around to face you. I'm not going to lie- I will probably take this sucker on a few test walks even before we have a baby to put in it.

We FINALLY got chairs for our dining room! My parents got them for us for Christmas, so we had them as our first dinner guests to say thank you.  

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby clothes awaiting their owner's arrival? Love. 

 We also finally got a grill and love it so much that Den will brave the elements to use it. Luckily we have had a few spring-like days sprinkled in between the freezing temps. Gotta love Texas.

 21 week bump.

 Celebrating Alisa's birthday.

 My handsome date.

 This guy loves the fire even more than we do.

 Celebrating Jules' birthday (a solid two months late). 

Apparently I forgot to open the thingie before lighting a fire. Sweet of him to do that instead of gripe at me.

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