Tuesday, May 6, 2014

37 Weeks

How far along?  37 weeks.

How big is the baby this week?  Baby Center says he is is the size of a stalk of swiss chard.  So about 19 inches long and roughly 6 1/3 pounds. 

Total Weight Gain?  30 pounds.  This was my "goal" weight for the entire pregnancy, so it looks like I will definitely be going over, but I'm still pretty comfortable with that number.  I figure pregnancy is just not the time to worry about what the scale says.

Maternity Clothes?  Yes. Busted out some of those stretchy elastic-waist shorts this weekend- it's definitely starting to warm up in Dallas so this dude can come anytime as far as I'm concerned!

Best Moment of the Week?  One of my best friends (and old roomie) got married! It was such a great weekend celebrating her and her husband. I got in lots of time with my girls and the wedding was even fun sans booze- that's when you know it's a good party! Baby G was probably wondering what in the hell was going on all weekend because I don't think he's been poked or prodded as much throughout my entire pregnancy as he was over the weekend.  

Trouble Sleeping?  Yes, not fun.

Miss Anything?  Having a glass of champagne in my hand at wedding receptions.

Movement?  Constantly. I'm starting to get a little sad thinking about not feeling him kick anymore. That's definitely one of the more fun parts of this pregnancy business. 

Food Cravings?  Snickers Easter Eggs. I plowed through all the ones in our Easter basket pretty quickly and now I've been craving them like crazy. They are so much better than regular snickers!

Belly Button - In or Out?  Outie and then some. 

Symptoms?  Achey everything. Insomnia. Needing a crane to get myself up from any sort of reclined position.

Wedding Ring - Off or on?  On for the time being, but snug.

Happy or Moody?  Pretty happy this week. We finished everything we HAVE to get done, so now we're just checking the extra stuff off the to do list. That alone has been a pretty good feeling especially since it makes me feel like I can put my feet up a bit and actually rest a little these last few weeks. 

Looking Forward to?  My first Mother's Day! I got flowers last week just in case he decided to make an early appearance.  Other than that, getting in a few more solid date nights this week and maybe catching a movie.  

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melissa said...

Love that dress on you! And yes on Snicker's Easter eggs! So much better than regular Snickers. YUM.