Wednesday, May 21, 2014

39 Weeks

How far along?  39 Weeks. 

How big is the baby this week?  Baby Center says he is is the size of a mini watermelon(!!) And weighs a bit over 7 pounds.

Total Weight Gain?  32 pounds.

Maternity Clothes?  Only thing that fits these days...

Best Moment of the Week?  Finally starting to talk to our doctor about an end game was pretty surreal.  And Baby G continues to be spoiled- we received sweet gifts from two of his aunties and some adorable burp cloths from a family member. 
Den and I also had a great dinner and a movie date night (Neighborhood Services / The Other Woman) and a fancy brunch with my parents at Fearings- getting in all these non-infant friendly things while we can!  

Trouble Sleeping?  Touch and go. Today I woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep so I started organizing my closet into sections that were 
postpartum/nursing friendly with anything snug getting pushed to the back. I figure that if I have the most flattering options front and center it will lead to less meltdowns when getting dressed. Although- who am I kidding? We all know it's going to be tank tops and sweat pants for a good while. 

Miss Anything?  Wine. I've started restocking the wine supply mainly because I'm so excited about the idea of having more than half a glass. However, you do get some funny looks when loading up your target cart with wine at 10 months pregnant. I almost told the cashier that it wasn't for now that I was just preparing, but I figured that might make it worse. Damn 
judgey people.

Movement?  Slowing down quite a bit which I've been reassured is normal. And not as many jabs to the sternum so *maybe* that's a sign that he's a little lower. 

Food Cravings?  Nothing crazy. Iced tea/lemonade. Hazelnut shortbread cookies from Trader Joe's... although I don't think it's fair to classify those as a craving since they are a staple in our house, pregnant or not.

Belly Button - In or Out?  Outie and then some. 

Symptoms?  I'm starting to feel some pressure from time to time, but nothing other than that. 

Wedding Ring - Off or on?  On, but snug.

Happy or Moody?  Pretty happy this week. Trying to enjoy these last few days. 

Looking Forward to?  Obviously the same as last week- his arrival!  I think we're as ready as we can possibly be. I have my contraction timer app downloaded, the bags are packed, and the car is getting washed today. I don't think I can possibly nest anymore than I already have. My friend Jules came over to see the nursery and commented that she's never seen my house so organized. Granted, I'm no Monica Geller so there's not exactly a high precedent to begin with, but I'll take the organization inspiration wherever I can get it.

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