Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby G's Nursery

So before I share Baby G's nursery, I have to show you the "before" pictures. As I said in a previous post, this was an unused room in our house that quickly turned into the place where we stashed all the junk we didn't want to deal with.  

Here is the listing photo from the previous owner:
The fact that it was his workout room contributed to our decision to continue the wood floors in here. The thought of our baby crawling around on this guys old, sweaty carpet just grossed me out.

It then looked like this after we moved in:
I warned you. Hoarders will be calling any moment now...

 Then this (mid paint):

 Finally painted with new flooring: 

And now done and ready for our guy!

 The only thing we are missing now is a changing pad cover- The blue cover is actually an aden + anais blanket that I am using as a substitute until the real one arrives from etsy.  

 We'll obviously fill the frames with photos of the wee one once he makes his debut.

Still working on filling these up as well. We may do photos of him or just more artwork as we find things we like. 

We'll hang something above his crib and probably get a rug once I find something that works in here that isn't ridiculously expensive.

I'm so relieved to have it all done. Despite not having any sort of real vision for the room, I'm really pleased with the way it came together.  I wanted it to be happy and clean. I think we got the happy from the colors and the clean from the new floors and a fresh coat of paint.

In case anyone else out there is looking for nursery inspiration, here are a few links to things we used in his room:

White Gallery Frames - Amazon

My biggest piece of advice for decorating a nursery on a budget is to pick out what you like and then check on the items online often.  The beauty of pregnancy is that you have some time to wait it out and try to get the best deal possible. We picked out most of the big purchases early on and then I jumped on them one by one when I found a good sale. By doing this we saved over $100 on the rocker, $75 on the crib, $60 on the dresser, and probably another $100 by using Ebates on everything. It adds up quickly!

Now we just need a kiddo to occupy the space- it's still so weird to me to think that he will be crawling around on that floor in a matter of months!

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