Wednesday, May 7, 2014

March & April in Pictures

Got a little behind so I'm combining March & April!

Ben & Jerry's run after dinner. Gotta love being a cliché. 

Trying on his "I'm the Daddy" shirt that he got as a shower gift. 

Snuggled up right where he is NOT supposed to be snuggled.

This is one of the fun surprises when we took out the carpet/baseboards during the remodeling- carpenter ants aka ants that eat your house à la termites. It could have been much worse, but how DISGUSTING is that? The thought that those things were crawling around underneath the carpet while we were living there for the last eight months really grosses me out.

Knee deep in the chaos.

Finally starting the floors!

Annnd celebrating being done!

I think I had us putting the crib together before the wood glue even dried. 

 Flip cup at Alex's bachelorette party.

Ranch party. 

 West Texas sunset.

The bride's mom got me a package of Depends as a joke to wear underneath my bridesmaid's dress in case my water broke during the wedding. Thank goodness there was no need for that, but the girls did have fun modeling them. 

Testing out the stroller. 

Packing Baby G's hospital bag.

Taking a nap with two out of my three guys.

Date night at the Arboretum.

Rangers game.

Always lovely when your husband comes dragging in snakes from the yard. 

Den likes to say that Moose is spoiled and not well behaved, so I always love it when I catch the two of them having a moment. 

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