Friday, October 3, 2014

3 Months

This was never posted for some reason, even though it was written on 8/26.  Better late than never...


Ethan turned three months old yesterday. I loved the weekly pregnancy prompts because it was an easy way to remember to update. Since I seem to have trouble with that these days, I'm going to attempt to do the same thing monthly for Ethan.

Weight: Last we checked about 16-17 pounds.

Highlight of the Month: I think the best part about the last month have been all the smiles! E is not stingy with smiles which is good because we can't get enough. He's also started cooing and gurgling a lot more. Seriously makes my heart want to explode, grinch-style.

Hardest Part of the Month: I headed back to work the first week of August and that has been... interesting. Working for a family business gives me a ton of flexibility and I got my dad's blessing to bring the babe to work for a couple months to give us more time before he had to start daycare. While I have the perfect setup- office with a door, room for baby gear, the ability to make my own flexible schedule, etc. It has still been pretty hard to juggle. However I get more done at work with the baby than I would at home with the baby, so there's that. We joke that having Ethan at the office impacts my dad's productivity more than anyone else's.

Milestones: In the last week or so, it seems pretty clear that he is intentionally grabbing at things from time to time. He doesn't often get them, but you can tell there is a thought process to his movements. He has also slept through the night three times, but sadly, not consistently.

Firsts: The major first for this month was his first plane ride. We needed a bigger car to make the carseat/stroller deal a little easier on me, and as luck would have it one of my friends was selling her SUV. The car was in Lubbock so we flew out on a Friday, I showed Den some of the LBK hotspots, and we drove back to Dallas the same day.

We were both very nervous about the flight and the five hour road trip, but he was an angel through all of it! Seriously not a peep the entire flight until I took the bottle away from him to pack up when we landed and only got fussy on the drive home when it was time to eat. Such a relief!

Funniest Moment: Probably when I woke up in the middle of the night in a dead panic because I thought that I had put Ethan in bed with us and fallen asleep (even though he's been sleeping in his crib for a month and a half).  I woke up frantically patting the bed all around me and when I didn't find him, I tore the sheets off poor Dennis, shook him awake and yelled at him to help me find Ethan. He groggily pointed toward the monitor where he was sleeping soundly while I breathed a sigh of relief and let my adrenaline slowly subside. I think it's safe to say he thinks I'm crazy. Those mama bear instincts will get the best of you.

  • Licking everything... Sophie, his peacock, blankets. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's close to his mouth, he is trying to lick it. It's pretty funny.
  • Watching the cars from my office window. This is a surefire way to calm him down if he's fussing. So much so that sometimes I desperately wish for a fourth story window at our house.
  • Movement. Just like most babies, another surefire way to calm him down is to strap him in his carseat and go for a ride. 
Not a fan of:
  • Tummy time and naps. I've admittedly been terrible at getting him on a schedule, but the only way he'll nap is if I replicate exactly what we do to get him to sleep at night. The magic trifecta is bottle, swaddle, sleep giraffe. 
  • Not being held. He pretty much demands attention 24/7. Again, my fault. When he was teeny tiny someone made a joke about never putting him down and I said that he was so sweet and snuggly that I wanted to hold him as much as I could since these days were short lived and that I knew I would pay a price for it eventually, but I didn't care. Well, enter the price to be paid, because he is not a fan of being put down now. I still maintain that it was/is worth it but, man, is it hard to cook dinner these days. 
I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot in the months to come, but this has been my favorite month so far. Sleeping longer stretches and smiling all the time are both pretty awesome developments. 

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