Friday, July 31, 2015

July in Photos

Well, hello there!  It's been awhile!  I was playing with Ethan yesterday and was thinking about how sad it is that I haven't kept up with the blog during his first year. So many fun things to remember.  In an effort to document, here is our July in Photos.

Fourth of July Parade at School in his homemade shirt. 

Snacks and Sesame Street.

Maybe my favorite photo of him so far. I got tired of buying disposable swim diapers so I bought him a reusable one. Paired with his teething necklace, he it totally channeling his middle aged European side. Several people told me this is Rehearsal Dinner slideshow worthy.

Sunday Funday at Katy Trail with my guys.

Post doctor's visit Chipotle lunch at mom's office

This is what doing yoga at home now looks like. Not very relaxing.

Seeing Magic Mike XXL with the girls.

Trying to keep the little one entertained at work. We had a lot of doctors visits in July which usually meant Ethan spending some time before and/or after with me at work. It's so hard to get stuff done, but I love having him there from time to time.

I know this is nothing revolutionary, but this is my new (to me) favorite discovery. Avocado toast + Egg + Red Pepper. So delicious.

Swimming at my parent's, photo courtesy of Uncle Clint.

We discovered last month that this kid LOVES ribs. I think it's the novelty of something he has to work at to eat since most of his food is cut up into little pieces for easy consumption. He only had two teeth on the bottom and two buds for top teeth, but he still managed to clean three ribs. 

"Dress like your favorite fairy tale character day" at school. While I appreciate the effort Ethan's school puts into their day to day activities, sometimes these theme days are a bit much. We decided to hack the bottom off a $3 shirt, wrap my belt around him with his play sword and call him Peter Pan. Done and done.

My Aunt throws this "Songwriter Party" every year where they have a country songwriter come and play in their backyard in South Texas. This was the first one we've ever made it to and it was so much fun! They had Allen Shamblin this year and it was cool to hear the stories behind the songs that he's written. He wrote Miranda Lambert's "The House that Built Me" and Randy Travis' "He Walked on Water". He also has a song on Garth Brooks' new album that he played for us that I LOVED called "Send 'em On Down the Road"- if you're a parent, you need to listen to it. I couldn't find the Garth version, but I found a cover on YouTube.

After the party, we headed down to Galveston for the weekend. No road trip is complete without a stop at Dairy Queen. Bub's first dipped cone needed documentation.

As did his first time seeing the ocean. He LOVED it and was absolutely fearless. Homeboy had no qualms about running straight for the water despite the fact that he obviously can't swim. 

Grabbing a drink on the pier at Murdoch's.

Beach Baby

Livin' the good life.

Trading in beach time for pool time.

We stayed at the Hotel Galvez. It was a beautiful hotel that was over a century old. They also do a huge Sunday Brunch that's rated one of the top 10 brunches in Texas, but I do NOT recommend it for families. Teeny tiny rooms and amenities that are more adult friendly. 

He loved this pup that we saw at Olympia Grill (which was the best meal we had on our trip, btw). 

Crab Tower at Olympia Grill. Still having dreams about this appetizer. So good.

Looking forward to August and enjoying the last of our pool days!

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