Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August in Photos

I spent two days in San Antonio for work- one of our clients was a guest on San Antonio Living. I don't travel very much with what I do, so I have to admit it was a little bit of treat. 

The day we were on the show, they had baby leopards on. Live morning TV is always interesting because you never know who else will be there.

Beautiful courtyard at our favorite riverwalk hotel.

No surprise that I pretty much ate my way across San Antonio. 

Grabbing one last bit of quiet time at the airport before heading back home.

Introducing the wee one to Hatch Chilifest at Central Market.

First Circus!


Surprise visitor at work. 

Best way to wear out little ones.

Dinner with the fam to celebrate birthdays.

Playing with cousins.

Crazy hair day at school.  He got a haircut two days later.  

My best friend flew in from Phoenix to hang with us for a few days. It was her first time meeting Ethan and I think it's safe to say they hit it off.

Fountain sittin'

Still working on the accuracy bit of using a spoon.

My guys.

Solo parenting while Dad was in Ireland.

Blowing kisses to each other via FaceTime. 

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