Sunday, November 15, 2015

October in Photos

We decided Ethan was about the age to get a swingset for him. After failing to catch one on sale this summer, one of my dad's friends was trying to give theirs away. A good power washing and a coat of stain and this baby looks brand new!

 E & Gigi testing it out.

Trying on his outfit for his cousin's baptism.

Second plane ride, first one of substance since he was only about 8 weeks old last time. 

Enjoying those gorgeous Arizona sunsets. Not enjoying the inferno- we were all three drenched in sweat! 

I was wrangling Ethan during the baptism so I didn't get any of Remy, but we were able to get a family shot afterwards. 

Passed out in his bowtie.


I got this from our daycare and had to laugh... one shoe on, one shoe off. Such a mess- just like his mama.

Enjoying the cooler weather on the patio.

We kept these two munchkins for one night while my brother and SIL went to a reunion. It was fun but BUSY!

Pumpkin patchin'

Gigi and GP getting in on the fun.

This guy has been the only person to cut my hair in 12 years. UNTIL he decided to get out of the business a year ago. I had one mediocre haircut before he decided he missed all his crazy clients. Dallas ladies, Ian works magic- go see him!

Just chowing down on a rib at a game watching party. 

Still amazed they stopped wiggling long enough to get this one!

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