Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Survived Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I've always loved to dress up and it's even more fun now to come up with costumes for all of us.  Here is our first year with Ethan (last year):
 Shark, Lifeguard, Shark Attack Victim

This year was Ethan's first "real" year to trick or treat. I was that slightly psycho mom last year that brought her infant up to your door. Partly to score some candy, but mostly to have you fawn over my adorable shark. Yep, I am that girl. But, look how darn cute he was...

I digress.

I knew this year was probably the last year that I could dress him in whatever I wanted without his input since his vocab is still limited to things such as "ball" and "wa wa."  I also knew I wanted one of those puffy outfits that toddlers look so cute in and something that we could find accompanying outfits for Den and me. 

I found this adorable little wolf outfit online at Spirit:

An easy red cape for me, a grandma hat for Den, and we were ready to go!

We went to my cousin's house and had a wonderful time, but it was definitely not without it's drama.  

I feel like people always post their adorable family photos on Facebook and you see them when you're covered in sour milk and have a toddler running around like a banshee trying to jump off the couch with sharp objects in their hand and you no doubt wonder what their secret is and where you went wrong. 

So let me just tell you the REAL story behind our Halloween and these cute little family photos.

We're at my cousins house and all the kiddos at the halloween party up and decide it's time to go trick or treating and our plan was to all go together so the adults could converse, etc. So we scramble to get all our costume parts and everything together and head out the door.  At the last minute, we decide to grab the stroller out of my car since Ethan was one of the smaller kids in the group.  So Den puts him in the stroller and is about to buckle him and I say "no, let's not buckle him in- he'll be jumping in and out to trick or treat." Famous last words. 45 seconds later, I push the stroller barely off the first curb and Ethan SUPERMANS out of his stroller face-first onto the asphalt. He starts SCREAMING and I scoop him up to comfort him and see that his mouth is bloody.  I run back to the house and take him to the bathroom and by the time I get there the fur on the front of his cute little wolf costume is literally matted in blood.  At one point Den suggested taking him to the emergency room because he was bleeding so bad.  


Ethan was crying. I was crying because I busted up my baby. All the family was trying to get the story of what happened and help comfort E.  It was chaos. 

Twenty minutes later, everyone had calmed down and Ethan's lip had stopped bleeding for the most part and my mom suggested that we take him to one or two houses.  I was against the idea at first thinking we should just hunker down and lick our wounds, but she convinced us and I'm so glad she did.  We went to probably five houses and he ended up really getting the hang of it.  I think it was a good distraction for him and I was able to get some good photos.  

Checking out his haul.

Attempting to snuggle the mom guilt away.

All in all, it was a good night, but I just thought the real story should be told.  

Huge props to D who handled the situation like Husband of the Year. Never once did he snap at me, tell me he told me to strap him in, or blame me in any form or fashion.  He was just there to comfort and help.  I told him later that I realized that if the tables had been turned, I wouldn't have handled it nearly as graciously as he did. Which definitely makes me realize that I need to be a little more understanding in similar situations. However, there have been several post-Halloween jokes about "mom dropping you on your face," but I guess I deserve that.  My saving grace is that the odds of his 17-month old memory being good enough to store this one away are slim.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! 

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