Monday, January 11, 2016

December in Pictures

Our month started off a little rough (and cold) with a gas leak. Apparently it had been leaking for quite some time, but the new fence being put up was the nail in the coffin. A 20' trench, a repair to a severed internet line, and a very large check later, we are fixed and hope to never have to go through that again.

We woke up one morning and my clean eating husband announced there was a donut shop he wanted to try. You don't have to ask me twice so we piled in the car for Ethan's first donut experience.

Post donuts we ended up going to Trains at Northpark. Definitely a cool thing for the little ones.

In awe right before an epic meltdown (just keepin it real).

No trip to Northpark is complete without stopping to see the turtles and ducks.

I had to take a day trip to Austin and this was our front porch when I got home- the Christmas tree and first round of Amazon gift shopping delivered. Every year since we've been married, we have had our tree delivered from Five Star Christmas Trees. So easy and highly recommended!

All set up!

Headed out to Charleston for our anniversary sans toddler!

Our hotel, The Vendue, had selfie sticks and milk and cookies every night.

E and Santa, 2015. No tears but no smiles either.

My favorite picture from the holiday season- E creepin on Santa afterwards. He spied on him from the safety of that corner until we finally picked him up and carried him off. 

Checking out the Dallas Arboretum's 12 days of Christmas with the family.

And my SIL's parents from California were in town and joined in on the chaos fun.

D & E checking out the Lords a Leaping.

My grandmother (who you can't tell is in her 80's) had NEVER had a pedicure before. Needless to say, we needed to rectify that and she was a big fan.

Ready to dig in- a few weeks early, buddy.

Santa's Village in Richardson. Super crowded but worth an evening out if you're looking for some holiday cheer.

Car selfie while checking out the Christmas lights in Deerfield. Similar to above- it was a cluster but completely worth it to hear all the little "WOWs" from the backseat. 

Christmas Eve at my parents'.

 My new Christmas Eve go-to appetizer. So festive and relatively easy!

Putting together the racetrack we bought for Ethan. Next year I will pay more attention to the boxes, but if I forget: when it says "Over 4.5 feet long!!" remind me NOT to buy it!

Christmas morning at our house. 

One last family pic before the tree came down.

Celebrating this handsome guy's birthday with a date night out.

Our daycare was open on New Year's Eve so we took full advantage with a little gym/pedi day date.

We spent our NYE eating appetizers, drinking champagne, watching Making a Murderer and playing wii in our jammies. It was perfect. 

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